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Stinging Insect Pest Control Services

Insectall is a professional pest control company that specializes in eliminating bee, hornet, wasp, and fire ant infestations from homes. We understand that these pests can be a real nuisance and can even become dangerous if not dealt with properly. That’s why we take all necessary steps to ensure that bee, hornet, wasp, fire ant, and any other form of stinging insect infestation that you may have are taken care of quickly and effectively.

When dealing with stinging insects, Insectall goes the extra mile to make sure that the pests are eliminated without causing any harm or damage to your home. We use the most advanced technology, chemical mixes, and techniques to carefully remove the pests and make sure they stay away for good. We can also take steps to prevent future infestations by sealing off access points and treating the area to discourage any insects from returning.

Insectall is committed to providing you with the best pest control services available. We guarantee that our experienced and knowledgeable technicians will take every precaution to ensure that your home is free of bees, hornets, wasps, or whatever stinging pests may be inhabiting your property


Wasp and Bee Facts

Wasps can build nests that can reach up to two feet in diameter.

Wasps nests are typically located in sheltered areas such as under house eaves.

Wasps can sting multiple times.

Wasps are much more aggressive than bees.

Bees can be a nuisance if they build their nests too close to where people live or work.

Bees can cause discomfort and even medical problems if their stings are left untreated.

Bee infestations can be difficult to manage as the bees can quickly re-establish their colonies unless the hive is replaced or exterminated.

A bee colony can consist of up to 60,000 bees and is led by one queen bee.


Signs of a Insects

Visible wasps, hornets or bees around the home.

Nests present in or around the house .

Buzzing or swarming noises near ceilings of rooms and windows.

Increased insect activity near windows.

Discarded wings or carcasses near the house.

Finding wasp, hornet or bee droppings around the home.

Unexplained damage to paint or wood on the exterior of the home.

Wasps, hornets or bees entering the home through cracks or openings.

Presence of mud tubes near the home.

Finding chewed wood or plant matter near the home.

Finding holes in the walls or ceilings of the home.

imgTips & Tricks

Tips and Tricks on how to Keep Insects Away

Regularly check the exterior of the home for signs of nests or insect activity.

Seal any cracks or openings in walls and windows.

Keep windows and doors closed when not in use.

Keep food and garbage sealed and put away.

Regularly clean up any debris or garbage around the home.

Trim back any shrubs, trees or plants near the home.

Use insecticides or wasp traps to kill existing wasps, hornets or bees.

Use screens or netting around windows and doors to keep insects out.